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Vietnam is scenic, adventurous, mystic, chaotic, noisy, ancient and modern--all at the same time!


Though it is one of the most appealing destinations on earth, navigating and getting around can be challenging.

In this spirit, I have created quick and easy solutions to first-time and seasoned travellers alike, saving you the time, headaches, and pitfalls you may encounter during your travels.

What makes my courses different is that I don't spew out years and years of experience and knowlege; rather, I get right to the point so you get the outcome you need and can be on your way.    

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Vinh Ho, Founder Travelling Saigon

Get the most out of your travels---safely, efficiently, and hassle-free!

What to do

1. Find out what course you need.

Every course is tailored for a specific outcome. Find the solution you need. 

3. Watch the videos.

My courses are quick solutions tailored to your needs. I do not drag on hour after hour; rather, find your solution in one short sitting. 

2. Choose and make payment.

This site is secure and protected. Be rest assured your financial and personal information will not be at risk. 


If you are not 100% satisfied, let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I will refund you your money. 

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Vinh trying out a typical Saigonese cafe

About Me.

I have been living and working in Saigon since 2019. 

I absolutely love the city's hustle and bustle, epic nightlife, street food, historic treasures, and constant buzz.

When I am not at my day-job making factory visits and sourcing products, you will find me attending business events, making YouTube videos and taking part in all the culinary delights the city offers!

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Guillaume Rondan

Move to Asia

I really enjoyed Vinh's courses. He is definitely an authority on Saigon living!


Nomad Elite

Vinh know's his stuff. Very helpful videos!

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